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Coach Richardson and Coaching staff have a long established teaching ideology.

They seek to connect with young people with post secondary institutions to pursue their dreams of university or college education and to play their chosen sport.

All coaches have lived and experienced navigating and overcoming the hurdles and barriers to achieving an academic degree in the face of adversity.

Now the coaches want to help young people achieve the possible, play the sport they love and to nourish their minds for their adult life at the same time.




We aim to achieve this by working with young people to learn through sports.


Drive the educational attainment of young people.

Develop self awareness, confidence, dreams and aspirations of the youth.


Support the youth to perform at their highest level and to strive to achieve excellence on and off the court or field.


Provide a program which requires the individuals who make it to college to come back during the summertime to teach and mentor youth in the program.


Our main target audience is children aged between 7 to 21.​​

Youth from low income households.​

Youth who are struggling to achieve their grades in school.​

Youth at risk of exclusion.​

Children who need to be navigated away from crime.​

Crown Wards who will age out of care & CAS cases.​

Girls who want to achieve equity and fairness on or off the court.​

Young people girls, and boys. Throughout the Durham region, Ontario, and Canada.


Durham Region has grown exponentially in the last twenty years.

Many people moved here from the City Of Toronto and in particular from the old municipality of Scarborough.

Durham has a significant racialized population.
Many young people live in single headed households.


Our focus is to have a long term youth strategy
focused on prevention, intervention and support.

We want to ensure that our Region in the GTA has the
lowest level of youth exclusion from mainstream society in
the province and across the country.


A small self funded location designed to take up to 150 kids.

Fully equipped basketball court for instructional teaching.

Rooms for teaching life preparation skills.

A space for fun health activities.

A place to prepare for tournaments in Canada and the U.S.

Coaches, and sports directors, from all major Colleges, and Universities. Will be able to witness a child's potential, and growth. Both in Academics, and sports. This also applies to people in every community looking in at our program. With this, we need your support. Which should include your donations, and financially.

  1. To prepare girls and boys of all ages for life by empowering academic and sports competitions by creating programs that provide resources and support to help students excel in academics and sports.

  2. To create workshops to address mental health, and Youth Violence, training programs, and workshops that address issues related to racism, prejudice, and discrimination.

  3. To help those struggling with mental illness navigate life's many hurdles by creating mental health programs and services that provide resources and support to people of all ages who are dealing with mental health issues.

  4. To ensure equal opportunities for development and prosperity.

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