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Coach Richardson

Head Coach

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My name is Coach Anthony. I am the head Coach for nine elite rep basketball teams. We are called W.C.2.P. Which stands for WE CAME 2 PLAY

My Athletes are Girls, and Boys, grade seven-JR College. Most of them reside Cobourg, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Bowanville, Courtice, Clarington, in the Durham, Markham, Scarborough, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, and Milton.

I focus on development, life skills, and exposure through games, showcases, and tournaments. Your education, leadership, and respect for each other, must come first. It is also important to me, that I direct the individuals that I coach.  Striving for scholarships, in academics, before sports. Mind, body, and soul. Your mind retrieves information, for you to obtain all that is necessary to utilize in life. The body with hard work. Must be strong, and ready to compete and the highest level. And the soul has to be pure, expressing emotions to accept adversity, along with achieving greatness from all you have been focusing on to reach where you want to be.

This season, like the years that have past. We are, and will be invited to many tournaments, within, outside of the province, and country. This comes from competing, and winning in many competitions. This leads to conveners, expecting, and requesting, that we defend our titles. Some of my Athletes who have received Scholarships, MVP Awards, and are in Prep Schools, include:  Kayla Gray, Tamoiya Eldemer,  Keyomie Ellis, Kia Watt, Mariah Thompson, Kevon Watt, Marcus Moore, Diontae Richardson, Jalen  Merius, Sheymar Ryanhackett, David Walker, Sammy Wong, Steffon Samuels, Tray Thompson, Chad Vincent, Demetria Davis, Brittney Tetuka, Helena Lasic, Yolanda Calderone, Isiah Lee, and more.

All I ask, is that you communicate with me, and your other teammates, commitment, honesty, punctuality, work hard, both in school, and on the court, and most of all believe in yourself, and your Coach. My Athletes will tell you, I will do all that I can to develop you in all five positions, to compete in the sport of basketball, and prepare you for life. Always feel free, to discuss anything with me. My line stays open.

I am committed, are you?

Coach Anthony.

We Came 2 Play Program Participant Commitment

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